Uniform Closet

Troop 219 expects Scouts to attend all meetings and events in FULL SCOUT UNIFORM (unless otherwise announced).  Some Scouters call this the "Class A" uniform.  It includes the official Scout uniform shirt with all appropriate patches properly affixed, official Scout uniform pants or shorts (alternative olive green slacks are NOT acceptable substitutes), official uniform socks, the troop red BSA neckerchief, closed toe shoes and the official Scout uniform (baseball style) hat.

    Troop Numerals, with and without the 25-year bar are available from the troop treasurer at any regular meeting.
Council Shoulder Patches and other required insignia are also usually available at any regular troop meeting.

note that you must phone in your order
online ordering is not available.

The troop maintains a "uniform closet" to assist families with the cost of uniforms,
and to support the ninth Scout Law ("

DONATE uniform parts that your Scout no longer uses or fits in.  We'll provide a receipt for tax purposes.
remember -- your Scout's uniform is not deductible when you buy it, but it can be deductible when he's done with it !

Need a uniform part -- sign it out and either pay our nominal price or commit to return the same or equal part in like condition.

Watch this site for a sign-out/request form and eventually, a live inventory of parts and sizes available.
PRICES:                          used             new

     Official Uniform Shirt:     $  5       $23.40 - $33.50
     Official Uniform Pants:     $ 10       $36.85 - $51.10
     Official Uniform Hat:       $  2           $ 11.50
     Official Neckerchief:       $  1           $  5.85
     Official Uniform Socks:      N/A           $  4.40          

We will not provide used socks, however acceptable socks have been carried by Doogies Dollar Superstores (flint and davison) for $1/pair new.