Troop 219 Email Server Access

Troop 219 again has established an email server.  This email system is intended
to encourage better, faster and more accurate communication within the Troop.

You do not have an active email account on this server until you are informed that it
has been set up for you. 

If you're unsure or need your account information, email the webmaster.

At that time you will be advised of your username and password.
UPON FIRST USE you should change your password.

If your email account has been established, click here
to access the email server, and to manage and use your account.

A revised email user guide is currently under development and will containing instructions for the
use of this system as well as final rules and regulations on it's use. 

Spam and virus filters in place that provide some protection from spam and some viruses but they are not a substitute for effective spam and virus protection on your computer.   All internet access brings with it some level of risk, however your degree of exposure is entirely within your own control.